Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy details the information collected by Levire UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG ("Levire", "we," "us" or "our") via CURVES and our usage of this information.

Which information is transmitted to Levire?

CURVES doesn’t collect any information about the User, which will be transmitted to us. All the data CURVES uses, is only saved on the device and will be erased as soon as the App gets removed from the device.

Which information is transmitted to Apple?

CURVES transmits, apart from the usual data transmitted to Apple using Apps, one additional bit of information, determining Users, which deactivated advertising through an In-App-Purchase. This information will be stored in the iCloud-Account associated with the device and will be only used to deactivate advertisement for these users.

More information on what data Apple collects, how it is stored and used is available here:

Which information is transmitted to Google, your Service Provider or your phones manufacturer?

If you are using CURVES on an Android Device, it is way harder for us to compile the necessary information to give you transparency how your data is handled.

In order to identify you in regards to the shown advertisement, we use the Google Play Services. The Google Play Service provides us with a unique identifier which is transmitted to Vungle, if you opt-in for that. To learn more about Google’s privacy policy please follow this link: ""

When it comes to the data your phone’s manufacturer or your telecommunication service provider collects and stores, we can’t give you an answer to that. Please check for more information on that with the manufacturer or your telecommunication service provider directly.

Which information is transmitted to Vungle?

Vungle is providing the advertisement in CURVES. In order to show users, relevant and non-repetitive advertisement the following information may be transmitted:

This data will be used

Vungle may disclose this information to publishers, institutions (for legal purposes) and other third-party partner.

The data above will only be transmitted to Vungle, if the user agrees to it in the respective form shown in the app prior to the first serving of advertisement. If the user doesn’t agree CURVES can still be utilized fully. This decision can be revoked or changed in the settings menu at any time.

More information on what data Vungle collects, how it is stored and used is available here:

Support requests can be made via email

You may contact us via email in regard to any support enquiries. Any information provided in this request, including your email address, will only be used to provide support. Any support requests from individuals identifying themselves as under 13 years of age will only be used to respond to said request, and will be immediately and irretrievably deleted as soon as the request has been resolved.

Information sharing disclosure

Any information received from you, such as your email address or support information, will not be shared with anyone. However if required, we will share your email address or support request information to protect the security or integrity of Levire's applications and websites, in taking precautions against liability and to comply with judicial or law-enforcement requests.

Third-party site links

Our websites and applications may contain links to third-party websites and services for which we claim no responsibility for the privacy practices or content therein.

What happens in case of a data leak?

In the unlikely case that data is optained illegally from any of our third-party partners, they need to inform us about that incident and we will then forward this information to you within 48 hours.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will only use your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy at the time the information was provided. If there is a change to the Privacy Policy, you will be contacted prior to the change taking effect, if possible.


If you have any queries or concerns in regard to this Privacy Policy, please contact us via our website or

Last Updated: 16. May 2018